Programs and Activities for School Children— “Best Friends”


We call our program for parochial school children “Best Friends” and hope to encourage and enliven the love of these young Catholics for Jesus and Mary, especially as they are introduced to the devotions to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.


Often this is done in connection with the First Friday School Mass on invitation of the Pastor, who may also wish to dedicate the school to the Sacred Heart with a prayer, short ceremony and a talk on the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.


Each teacher receives devotional materials for both the individual student and class use, including Enthronement Packet information and pictures of Jesus and Mary for framing for the classroom. If possible, each student may receive a set of the Enthronement pictures to use in their own room at home.


To view and print out coloring pages, click here.


Any of these suggestions may be adapted for use in CCD Classes, pre-school or other related classroom activities, for example, art or essay-writing lessons.


Please share any of your experiences about your school or children’s programs with us!



Student Prayer Cards


These documents will be downloaded as pdf documents.  You need Adobe Reader to view them.

Adobe Reader is free software.  To download Adobe Reader to your computer, click here.



Download any of the following formats:


Daily Offering Prayer—12 per sheet


Daily Offering Prayer—Various sizes / sheet


Daily Offering Prayer– Bookmarks 6/sheet



“My Daily Prayer to Jesus Our King” Bookmarks—6 per sheet


“My Heart Prayer” - 3 per sheet


“My Daily Prayer to Jesus Our King” - 3 per sheet



“Best Friends” Fold-over Picture Prayer Card—1 per sheet



"Prayers to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary" - 2 per sheet


"Jesus and Mary Prayer" - 2 per sheet






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