“The Knight Light” is a beautiful poem written for The Enthronement Ministry’s Knights of Columbus Program.

It is formatted to fit into a 4” x 6” frame.


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Planning Ideas and Suggestions for Enthronement Programs --

Knights of Columbus


“As a Knight, I have grown more a man while becoming more a Child of God”.


Over the years, successful Knights of Columbus Enthronement Programs were developed and from these, we outlined some basic suggestions for your consideration. First, all it takes is one Knight’s heart to be inspired by the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!


Getting It Started


1. Introduce the Enthronement Devotion idea, after doing your prayerful research, to your Councils’ Spiritual Chairman and Grand Knight at a Q & A and discussion meeting; then recruit an Enthronement Committee from your Council Members.


2. The Enthronement Committee then meets with the Council Chaplain and/or your Pastor for discussion, approval, and planning of the Enthronement Program for the Council and/or Parish.



Developing the Enthronement Program


1. The basic devotional format supports what is suggested in the Packet of Home Enthronement materials. Note especially the page entitled “Opening Your Heart” for more details.  The Enthronement Packet also provides a brief history of the Devotion and other information.  Click here to view the Enthronement Packet.

See also “Over the Centuries” for more about the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Church History.


2. The basic presentation format depends on the type of program chosen by your committee. What is recommended is to have a Special Mass for the Knights and their families with a homily about the Sacred Heart and a talk on the Enthronement Devotion. They also receive the Enthronement Packet to use at home in their own dedication ceremony.


Other Suggestions About the Presentation

As has been done by other Councils, you may choose to add music; a Knight’s “Honor Guard” / Procession;  witness talks on the Sacred Heart; a Blessing of family with the pictures, etc.  All your efforts will also help strengthen the bond of Knight Brotherhood while joining families together in prayer and love. (Note: If a Mass is not possible, do your best to create a reverent program to celebrate the occasion.  P.S. We are only a phone call away….)



What’s next:  Knights’ Enrichment Project


1. To continue working as a sponsoring organization in your parish, consider an ‘Enthronement Renewal Day’. New families may also receive an Enthronement Packet at that time by meeting with a Knight Team to learn about the Devotion for their own home.  This event fits in nicely with the Liturgical Feasts of Christ the King; the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary; any time during Lent or Advent; or to celebrate a Parish anniversary.


2. The closing thought about ‘enrichment’ reminds us of the marvelous effect when our children view the beautiful pictures of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  We have seen this for many years at the Parish Enthronement Weekend.  Now, through our school program, called Best Friends, the children receive their own pictures of Jesus and Mary and a teaching presentation about these loving devotions.  What a wonderful gift of sharing that blesses both the giver and the receiver!


3. In summary, since Jesus wants to be united with us to live in and through us each day, the opportunities are many to show our devotion to His message for all to hear!


Happy planning, dear Knights!