Picture Prayer Card


The simple - but theologically awesome and profound - Enthronement Message invites us to offer and unite ourselves with Jesus every day and “with our gaze, look at Him with love”.


For a simple start, to fulfill this message, we have designed the new “Picture Prayer Card”, adapted from materials in our Enthronement Packet.


Download this new prayer card by clicking on its image >


This picture card looks very beautiful when printed on glossy photo paper. It may be placed in an 8.5” x 11” or 7” x 10” frame (by trimming at the edge of the blue background). Or, when you print it out on letter-size paper you may simply attach it to a backing or pin on the wall where you may easily gaze upon it.


We believe this would make a beautiful gift for everyone you know, friend or foe, young or old, to make copies simply download and print on your local printer!